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Home of Good Hope Namibia

Katutura is the township of Windhoek (the capital of Namibia). It was created 1961 following a forced removal of Windhoeks black population. The population of Windhoek is about 200 000 and more than 120 000  live in Katutura. The township of Katutura is constantly growing when people from other parts of Namibia move there in hopes of a job and a better future. Katutura has a lot of resourses and is a vibrant part of Windhoek with small local companies and markets.  People of several ethnic groups, with different languages and culture are living together in the communities. However unemployment is high and the majority of the population in Katutura live in poor conditions in small shed houses, without electricity, running water and toilets. The effects of HIV/Aids and tuberculosis is a vast problem for the communities.

The soupkitchen Home of Good Hope is situated in Goreangab one of the poorest communities in Katutura. The most common thing for all the children that go to Home of Good Hope is that they all come from poor conditions. Some of the children have parents but many lost one or both parents due to Aids and are themselves HIV positive. The Namibian government is providing families with access to antiretroviral medication at a minor cost but it is important to take the medicine with food. Monica Imanga provides one daily meal, Monday – Friday, a diet consisting of corn porridge and soup. This helps a lot but many of the children still go hungry as this is the only food they get.  Vitamin deficiencies are current and lack of protein is visible, i.e. big bellies on otherwise skinny children. 

Many of the children of Home of Good Hope go to school but far from all of them. It costs 986 Namibian dollars (about 95 euro) per year (school uniform included). A lot of the children cannot get an education because it is too expensive.

Below you can read Monica Imanga's own words about Home of Good Hope

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