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Frida guest column about HoGH in the journal Barnbladet (Swedish pediatric nursing journal) is now published: HoGH - Barnbladet PDF

Other updates are that our fundraising will continue to pay for a second meal for the children. In December we send extra money for Christmas celebration and gifts for the children. Also, Monica and the people working hard to helping the children get money to buy themself a Christmas gift each.


On October 11th Frida was interviewed on the local radio (P4 Gothenburg). Unfortunately this can no longer be listened to on their website. However, Lasse Persson's commentary about Home of Good Hope is still available and can be found here. Also, Frida has been invited to write a guest column for the journal Barnbladet. We will come back to this once it is published.

We also would like to share information about others who also work to support Home of Good Hope. Eileen from Canada started to work with Monica in 2007 and she pays for one meal per day for the children. Dick, Debbie from the Netherlands and Barbara from Germany together with a Namibian woman Lorraine are trying to get Monica a new plot for Home of Good Hope. This is to enable a move of the activity of Home of Good Hope to a more protective and safer area. Good work! We are in close contact with Lorraine from the organization IWAN (International Women's association of Namibia) who has initiated cooperation between all of us to make our efforts and work more effective. Our fundraising will continue to pay for a second meal for the children, vitamins and when needed school fees and clothes etc.


We have two pleasant news to share with you.

Firstly, Home of Good Hope was visited by the Swedish journalist Lasse Persson from the local radio in Stockholm (P4). He went to Namibia after collecting clothes with the help of 'Radiohjälpen' and one of his stops was Home of Good Hope. His journey resulted in a series of radio shows that had been aired in Sweden during this autumn. The episode from Katutura and Home of Good Hope will be aired this Tuesday, October 11, 4:15pm and a shorter show at 6.45am. Everyone that does not live in the Stockholm area can listen to the show on the web and the pod version will be available until November 10. Also, film sequences from Lasse's visit at Home of Good Hope will be showed during the children of the world charity event Swedish television, (Världens Barngala, SVT).

        Lasse Persson with Monica at the Home of Good Hope in Katutura

Secondly, Monica Imanga's sons George and Peacemaker have been busy lately at the soup kitchen introducing new activities to the children, in order for them to have more fun, and not just eat, play and go back home. Some of these activities include:

Morning section/younger kids
• Reading stories to the children
• Drawing and Coloring
• Alphabetical and Numerical training (they are taught how to say the alphabet and how to count)
• Indoor and outdoor sport activities (bowling, playing catch, hand ball)

Afternoon section/older children
• Homework hour (this is where they help the children with their homework)
• Story telling (everyday a group of five children gets to tell a story to the other’s)
• Puzzle and word search games
• Debate on matters effecting the youth

Peacemaker also started two soccer teams for both the older boys and girls. Peacemakers idea behind this I thought this was to keep the children active and teach them the importance of team work and keep them off the streets and out of trouble. It’s also another way of getting them to compete against other schools as well as other teams within the community. Therefore, Peacemaker wonders if anyone is willing to donate sports equipment to the teams?

And finally we have also raised the amount of money we send to Monica per month, from 350 euro to 500 euro. This because more and more children are coming to Home of Good Hope and more money is needed to serve everyone the second meal.


In Dec/Jan 2010/2011 we, Frida and Hannah visited HoGH. We had our backpacks filled with children's clothes etc, that were given to the children. It was very much needed and a success. We stayed in Windhoek for 4 weeks helping Monica with the children and helped out with some service needed to be done at the HoGH building. During our stay we had a personal meeting with the principal at Olof Palme Primary school in Kattutura. We gave money directly to the principal covering school fees for 16 children for 3 years. Please see HoGH Sponsor part for more details. Also see our photo gallery from the trip.

During the last weeks we have
been in contact with other organizations from other countries who are
supporting HoGh, for instance Eileen Greene who co-founded HoGH together with
Monica in 2007. We hope to start a collaboration in the future.

In march Frida went to Västerängsskolan (Swedish primary school) and gave a lecture about HoGH to the children. After this meeting the children at Västerängsskolan collected money for HoGH in a charity project called Västerängsskolans humanitära insats.

Frida & Hannah


We're sorry for the huge gap in updates lately but are now eager to tell what's going on! Thanks to all of you who have donated money and keep doing so, our project still pays for a second meal, afternoons, Monday - Friday at Home of Good Hope.  Also, on December 24th Frida and Hannah are go to Namibia for another five weeks. Unfortunately Caroline is not going this time, but the good news is that she is getting married on January 29th, so congratulations Caroline! To Namibia we will bring clothes, toys and toothbrushes to the children of HoGH, all of which is donated by friends and family in Sweden. In Namibia we will also help Monica with the children and buy necessities such as school material, clothes, shoes and first aid material etc. We will also see if any of the children need help with payment of their school fees.

Frida, Hannah & Caroline


      23-Apr-2010 The spring is here and it's time for a new update!

The children of Home of Good Hope now get two daily meals Monday - Friday (previously only one) and also vitamin supplements. Our present resources can fund this for about four more months.

We are very thankful to all of you who contributed to this and to you who keep donating on monthly basis!

Frida, Hannah & Caroline


      9-Mars-2010 Today is packed of news. Hannah and Frida have given an interview about Home of Good Hope to GP (Göteborgs Posten, Swedish newspaper) which is published in today's issue!

We also proudly present a Guestbook /Comments function where we encourage anyone to say whatever you fancy as long as its decent and appropriate!





Finally we thank our sponsors who have helped us create a better everyday life for the children of Home of Good Hope.

Monica, Frida, Hannah & Caroline


       19-Feb-2010 Some minor teething troubles are corrected and some new info is filled in (see especially (Our Project & Aims). More monthly donors have signed up and the page displaying and thanking our current and past sponsors will be created soon. The good response on the website is also muchos appreciated =) !




Our official website (www.good-hope.net) is now up and running! Here you'll find all information about Home of Good Hope, our project, the past and the present, how to donate money as well as resent updates.

Frida, Hanna & Caroline


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