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We thank everyone who has supported HoGH with money

 In 2009, your funding helped us accomplish:

·         The new building where the children now eat and do homework.
·         School supplies, for example notebooks, pens, pencils, map of the world.
·         Furniture and a blackboard.
·         Food.
·         Clothes, underwear and shoes.
·         Basic hygiene articles, for example toothbrushes, toothpaste, antifungal cream.
·         Candy and Christmas gifts.
·         Education for 2 children.

In 2010/2011, your funding helped us accomplish:

·       New carpet for the house
·       Wooden benches for the youngest kids
·       Daily vitamins for approximately 2 years
·       School fees covering 3 years for 16 kids
·       School uniforms and school supplies
·       First aid kit
·       Storage equipment
·       Baby formula and diapers
·       A new house/shed housing several HoGH kids and their family

In 2012, a huge thank you to all our old and new sponsors. Thank you for your contribution for the children of HOGH! And a special thanks goes to to the Lygre Berlandsveit family (Norway).

Thanks for personal enagagement and help on site in Katutura

  • The local people in Katutura who helped build the new HoGH building in 2009.
  • Sean Awaseb for letting us use his office and truck in 2009.
  • Andreas Rydström for all his good ideas, enthusiasm and his commitment for the children
  • The Walters family for lending us all the important tools.
  • To staff and friends from Chameleon Backpacker.
  •  Special thanks to: Ben; Philip, and Lars (German engineering students) for all their hard work with planning and building the new house in 2009. You guys are heroes!!
  • During our visit in 2010/2011 we thank Emma and Kristin with friends for collecting money for HOGH and helping out.
  • We also thank Christian for helping out with transport and etc.

  We thank companies and schools for supporting Home of Good Hope:

  • Nöller Espresso bar (Gothenburg, Sweden).
  • Nya och Gamla Långedragsskolan (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • Västerängsskolan  pupils and staff in grade 6-9 who raised money in the charity project Västerängsskolans humanitära insats (Bålstad, Sweden)
  • The companies in the Håbo region that supported Västerängsskolans humanitära insats (Bålstad, Sweden)
  • Mölndals kulturskola med personal (Mölndal, Sweden)
  • Grade 5 Kalvhagsskolan (Styrsö, Sweden)
  • Högskolan Väst (Trollhättan, Sweden)
  • Nore Fusa Oppvekstsenter (Fusa kommune, Norway)
  • Co-workers at Sahlgrenska Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden for donating clothes before our trip in 2010

  Thanks you Ingvar & Barbro with friends for all support and good idéas!

  We also thank our monthly donors for providing stability.


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