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How you can support Home of Good Hope

We gladly accept all donations, one time payments or regular monthly donations. By becoming a regular monthly sponsor you will provide safety in form of predictability, easier planning and administration. All your donations go directly to the children and the soupkitchen without fees for administration or hidden costs. The cost for keeping the bankaccount is payed for by the creators of this webpage.

Please support the children of Home of Good Hope by donating money to the bancaccount below.

Bank = Nordea ( Swedish bank).

Account number: 3087 2208001 (3087 is the clearing number)


If you want to send gifts, school supplies, clothes etc. to the Home of Good Hope,

please use the following address:


Monica Imanga

P.O. Box 61049





For more information or if you have any ideas of how to help these children further please contact us.

Thank you for caring for the children of Home of Good Hope

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