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Update 2013 – Achievements and progress

Food and nutrition: Since early 2010 the children are receiving 2 meals a day Monday - Friday. More and more children are coming to Home of Good Hope. Monica estimates the number of children going to Hogh every week to be around 500. Due to the increasing number of mouths to feed and a change of diet for the children we had to increase the food budget to 7000 SEK per month. During our visit in Namibia 2011 large quantities of vitamin were purchased. The children are now receiving vitamins daily.

Eileen Green visited HOGH in may 2012 and was concerned. The children looked very small. Many are receiving very little food other than the food they get at HOGH  Monday – Friday. The children are very hungry after the weekend.  As an initiative to improve their health Monica was taught how to make high protein meals with more meat and beans. Also whole grain bread and peanut butter is added to boost the calories for snack time.  Eileen noticed that the children were not receiving enough fruit and veggies and she doubled the fruit budget. From the Swedish fundings 25% goes to fruit and veggies.

On a few occasions HIV positive mothers with babies come to HOGH for help.  Monica provides formula for them to prevent the HIV virus to spread to the baby through breastfeeding.

Education: During their visit in Namibia 2011 Hannah and Frida met with the principal at Olof Palme Primary school ( the majority of the children of HOGH go to this school). A payment was made covering school fees for 16 children for 3 years. On several occasions fundings from Sweden also been used to buy clothes, school uniforms, school material, shoes and other necessities.

According the newspaper the Namibian in December 2012 the Namibian minister of education, Abraham Lyambo, made a statement that the ministry are to abolish primary school fees for children between the age of six – thirteen. This is to be introduced in 2013. It´s in our hope that the Namibian government keeps this promise. “Namibia: Ministry abolishes primary school fees”, The Namibian, 2012-12-20).

Environment: The Swedish fundings has helpt to keep up the current HOGH building. Small reparations has been made on the building since 2009.

A plan of moving the HOGH from it´s current location to a safer area away from  traffic is in progress. HOGH Canada and HOGH Netherland have been working hard on securing another plot. They have been in contact with Namibian officials and it´s an ongoing process. Hogh Canada and Netherlands have earmarked money for a new plot.

When the new piece of land is secured the plan is to build a new house for HOGH.  A design has been done by an architect from HOGH Canada. The current design includes 2 classrooms, a toilet and house for Monica to live and have the soupkitchen. This will give Monica the opportunity to take in orphans or children in need. When the new land is secured HOGH Sweden hope to help fund the new building.

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