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Our projects and aims

Together with Monica Imanga the initiative to this webpage and fundraising project was taken by us, Frida Nilson, Caroline Johansson and Hannah Fisher Wadman.

As a nurse student Frida worked as a trainee at Katatura hospital in dec 08. During her last week in Namibia she met Monica Imanga at Home of Good Hope. She was impressed with Monica´s work and moved by the children.  Frida felt that she wanted to do something to help Monica help the children. Back in Sweden Frida inspired us two others, Caroline and Hannah and we together collected money from friends and family.

In september 09 we went to Namibia and Home of Good Hope. Together with Monica, the Goreangab community and 3 german engineering students the collected money from Sweden was used to build a house for the children. Furniture, a blackboard and schoolmaterial were also bought. The house is now used as a place for the children to eat in the shade and away from the traffic, which was not possible before. It is also used for home education (for children who can´t afford school), and for a place to do homework.

After spending 3 months in Namibia we went back to Sweden but are planning to return later this year (2010). As there are a lot that can be done to help the children we have started this fundraising project. Together with Monica our wish is to improve life for the children and depending on the results of the fundraising our aims are the following:

Food & Nutrition: Give the children two meals a day (today they get one), which will cost about 3800 namibian dollars a month (350 euro.) We also aim to implement vitamin supplementation and if economicly possible add milk,fruit and veggies to their diet.

Education: School is important to give the children a chance for a better future. We want to put all the children of age in school.

Environment: We want to create a safer environment around Home of Good Hope which includes improving the surroundings with for example fences and signs by the road. A long term aim is to build an orphanage for the homeless children.

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